Cancellation Policy


Confirmed and paid orders shall be immediately processed, which may incur costs in the process. In this regard, order cancellation requests may be subjected to the following conditions:
For orders cancelled 4 or more days prior to delivery date, a 50% refund will be given back to the customer
For orders cancelled 3 days or less prior the scheduled delivery, no refund will be made.


Riverina Inc employs the most stringent measures to ensure that all our steaks are of the highest quality. Part of this process is a complete quality check which we conduct in every delivery. Delivered products are presented to the customer and he will be asked to check if goods received are within the standards on the quality delivery checklist.

Once all standards have been checked and confirmed, customer will be asked to sign on the Quality Checklist as a sign of conformity. Should the customer feel that not all standards have been met, he may refuse to receive the products and demand for a replacement.

Complaints on quality may no longer be accepted if customer has affirmed that goods received are within the acceptable standards upon delivery.

Steaks are highly perishable; hence, Riverina Inc insists that these are stored promptly in a chiller upon receipt.

In case you have a complaint with the Riverina products during consumption, please report in detail by mail to the Riverina Inc office within 2 weeks after delivery of your order.